The Alliance system in Clash of Kings is designed to allow people to join up, share resources, help defend and attack, and provide perks among many other things.

Joining or Creating Edit

Creating an alliance becomes free at castle level six. If you are new it may be more advisable and convenient to try and find an open alliance that will take you in. It is important to teleport your castle to where the rest of the alliance is located while you still can as it will provide you much greater protection.

Alliance Rank Edit

Alliance rank determines what you can and cannot do within the Alliance, such as promotion and demotion of players, researching science, changing Alliance settings and purchasing items in the Alliance store. Bellow is a list of responsibilities for each rank.

Alliance Ranking Responsibilities
R5 R4 R3 R2 R1
Change Rank Title *
Change Banner *
Change Nickname *
Change Name *
Disband Alliance *
Transfer Leadership *
Kick Out Members * *
Change Slogan * *
Change Open Recruitment * *
Send Alliance Invitation * *
Edit Alliance Announcement * *
Alliance Language * *
Purchase Items on the Items List in Store * *
Research Alliance Technology * *
Initiate Alliance Events (Dark Knight, etc) * *
Block Alliance Messages * *
Demote Members * * *
Promote Members * * *
Leave Alliance * * * *
View Rank Details * * * * *
Alliance Help * * * * *
Resource Help * * * * *
View Alliance Members * * * * *
Mail All * * * * *
View Members List * * * * *
View Online Members * * * * *
Alliance Donations * * * * *

Alliance Science Edit

Donating in alliance science is key for a successful, powerful and battle ready alliance. All alliance members can donate specific resources to buy science research for sciences which fall under 5 Tiers. A certain amount of technologies must be researched to unlock the next tier of science.

Each science has a star system where members have to donate specific amounts of science research to fill each star. Once all stars are full and glowing, that science is ready to be researched by R4 or R5. Each science has varying amounts of stars ranging from 2 stars to 5 stars to fill.

When a member donates, they are rewarded with Alliance Honor and Alliance Score, both of which are explained below.

Here is a list of Alliance Science Research.

Tier Science Name Brief Description... Stars Max Level
1 Grand Alliance 1 Increases Alliance Max Membership *** 4
Alliance Guild Increase Building Speed ***** 10
Troop Expansion Add empty slots for rallies ** 5
Colossal Legion Increase Max. number of rallied troops ** 20
City Def. Construction Trap construction speed up **** 5
Alliance Defense Decrease trap loss *** 5
Precious Friendhsip Increases time reduction for Alliance Help *** 1
2 Infantry King Increases damage dealt by all Infantry and Pikemen Units for all Members ***** 20
Cavalry King Increases damage dealt by all Cavalry and Mounted Archer Units for all Members ***** 20
Bowman King Increases damage dealt by all Archers and Bowmen Units for all Members ***** 20
Chariot King Increases damage dealt by all Mangonels and Cart Siege Units for all Members ***** 20
Infantry Killer Decrease damage done by enemy Infantry and Pikemen Units ***** 20
Cavalry Killer Decrease damage done by enemy Cavalry and Mounted Archer Units ***** 20
Bowman Killer Decrease damage done by enemy Archers and Bowmen Units ***** 20
Chariot Killer Decrease damage done by enemy Mangonels and Cart Units ***** 20
Alliance Institute Speed Up Scientific Research ***** 10
Quick Rally Increase Marching Speed for Rallied Troops ** 10
Storage Experts Increases daily storage limit in the Alliance Depot ***** 5
3 Grand Alliance 2 Increases Max Alliance Membership **** 4
Farm Expert Increases Food Income **** 20
Wood Expert Increases Wood Income **** 20
Iron Expert Increases Iron Income **** 20
Mithril Expert Increases Mithril Income **** 20
Alliance Guild Increases Building Speed *****
Super-Warehouse Increases Trade Load *** 10
Top Speed Increases marching speed for Trade Caravans *** 10
Embassy Expansion Increases Maximum Reinforcements *** 20
A Helping Hand Add Help Times ***** 5
Storage Experts Increases Daily Storage limit in the Alliance Depot *** 5
4 City Defense Construction Speed up trap construction for Alliance Members **** 10
Alliance Institution Speed Up Scientific Research ***** 10
Precious Friendship Increase Time Reduction for Alliance Help *** 1
Research Speed Speed up Alliance Research Speed **** 10
Research Mastery Increases chance of 2X Science Research Speed *** 1
Donations Mastery Increases the chance of 2X donations *** 1
5 Grand Alliance 3 Increases Maximum Alliance Membership ***** 3
Alliance Reinforcements Increases defense for all Reinforcements within the Castle **** 10
Quick March Increases marching speed for reinforcements **** 10
United Attack Increases attack bonus for Alliance Team Attacks ***** 10

Alliance Honor/Alliance Score Edit

You earn alliance honor by donating in alliance science, and you can spend your honor in the alliance store. Donating also earns Alliance Score for the Alliance. Alliance Score is spent by R5/R4s to purchase items from the Items List, which members can then purchase with Alliance Honor in the Alliance Store.

Alliance Store Edit

You can spend your alliance honor in here on items your leaders have purchased, it offers a good way to obtain high value items without using gold.

Alliance Territory Edit

Provides extra bonuses, if castle is in the area of the fort.

Alliance Tower Edit

Alliance Fort covers a territory around each fort known as the "Alliance Territory". When completed, the fort brings about several bonuses for those castles and resources in its Territory.

  • Alliance burning: Increase the burning speed of enemy castle
  • Alliance Depot: Increase the upper limit of protected resources in Depot 20%
  • Alliance producing: Increase resource production 30%
  • Alliance gathering: Increase the gathering speed 15%

If the Alliance Fort has not been finished, the territory effects will not be effective.